Vacuum C Conveyors

When noxious materials cannot be allowed to leak out into the environment of production. When the material that is conveyed is sensitive and cannot withstand external effects.
The whole chain of conveying takes place in a closed system, and therefore there is no leakage of dust. Besides this, the operators are not subjected to heavy lifting but can enjoy working in a noise-free environment.

Vacuum IC USA Conveyors

Conveyor figures are based on a vertical height of 13 feet and a tube diameter of 2 inches using the model IC3302. Stated capacities are guidelines only, exact values depend on specific application and materials.

Vacuum VC Conveyors

Vacuum Pump is a compressed air-driven multi-stage ejector. The pump uses the energy very efficiently. It has no moving parts and is maintenance free.

Vacuum Palletiser

Three significant trends are developing in the packaging industry as a result of changing market conditions.
These trends can increase your production cost by requiring more frequent and longer downtimes for changeovers and re-tooling, and increased equipment requirements. The PIAB Adjustable Vacuum Palletiser (AVP) is a simple, flexible and cost-effective solution that adapts to your changing palletising needs.


Coax patented technology with substationally lower air consumption as compared to conventional ejectors, modular design and available with multiple connection alternatives, low noise level, low feed pressure that ensures high realibility even in case of pressure drops, shor evacuation time.


PIAB Lab Vacs are used frequently in the rotary evaporation process.


PIAB vacuum pumps are compressed air-driven vacuum pumps. The unique construction makes maximum use of the compressed air and therefore consumes less energy. Large vacuum flows and high levels of vacuum are characteristic of PIAB’s vacuum pumps.


PIAB’s new suction cups are made of an extremely elastic and resilient material that has excellent sealing capacity which minimizes leakage between the suction cup and the object that is handled. This means that you can use a smaller vacuum pump or, as an alternative, lower the feed pressure of the pump you are using, which in turn means lower energy costs.


PIAB VGSTM3010 – A new product design where high quality DURAFLEXTM suction cups are integrated with a patented vacuum cartridge based on the latest COAXTM ejector technology. The result is a vacuum “gripper” that makes selection, sizing and installation of a vacuum system easier, plus you will enjoy the benefits of a more cost-efficient and reliable vacuum system.