MarcoLift single scissors – is a lift table with a set of single scissors. It is the basic model of the lift table range.
MarcoLift single scissors have multi-purpose applications and are normally used to solve issues with handling, difference in levels, production and logistic areas need to be put on a par


MarcoLift high-lift can be used for example as work platforms, pallet loaders, elevators, disabled persons lifts and pallet stackers. If compared with a traditional elevator
MarcoLift high-lift is a rational and cost saving solution.


When handling long and cumbersome items the lift table type MarcoLift long-load can offer the best solution.
MarcoLift long-load is designed with two or a multiple sets of scissors placed end to end to achieve the requested platform length and lifting capacity. In principle, this range consists of a combination of several MarcoLift single scissors.
The lifting stroke of the scissors set is created by a controlled synchronism to perform a parallel lifting motion.


MarcoLift loading dock is used on loading docks for the unloading and loading of vehicles.
MarcoLift loading dock operates between the different levels of the vehicle and the loading dock. It is designed for use in extremely difficult environmental and operational conditions and can also be provided for external use.
MarcoLift loading dock are designed and equipped to withstand environmental and load stresses which frequently occur as point loads when vehicles cross the lift table.


MarcoLift low-profile is the solution for safe and economical material handling in production lines, co-ordinated logistic systems and as an independently standing workstation for handling equipment in out-of-line tasks.
MarcoLift low-profile has a total vertical lift stroke, an important requirement when the lift table is installed in a production line co-ordinated logistic system.
MarcoLift low-profile, thanks to its low height, requires no pit in the floor. This makes it more adaptable and suitable for different application uses. It provides the operator with goods or work pieces at the right working height.


A variant type is MarcoLift Ushaped low-profile adapted for pallet handling. The pallet, crate or container can be positioned on the lift table directly from the floor level by means of a pallet truck avoiding the need of an access ramp.


MarcoLift U-shaped with roller conveyor is principally intended to be supplied for use in a working line co-ordinated production system.
In a production system, positioning and collection of pallets or other load carriers can be performed by the lift table. The goods are loaded/unloaded by a fork lift or pallet lifter on to the lift table, then after reaching the correct level, transfers the goods to the working line coordination production conveyor system via the use of a gravity or motor driven roller conveyor mounted on the lift table.
Due to the lift table low height no pit is required in the floor thus reducing installation costs.
The power pack is usually sited separately from the lift table so as not to limit the tilt table operation.


MarcoLift pallet handler applied in work places where it is necessary to gain better access to the goods thus creating an ergonomically proper working place. The pallet handler is combined with a suitable type of MarcoLift lift table. This latter is for example provided with a tilt function to improve accessibility to the material.
The operator has always a storage for not machined and machined items. Down-time is minimised.
Lift table operation and pallet stop is carried out by means of an electrical control unit.
MarcoLift pallet handler can easily be moved by a fork truck to another working place. The pallet handler is served by a fork truck.


MarcoLift vehicle carrier is designed to transport vehicles between different building floors levels, e.g. retail remises, showing-rooms and car parks.
This lifting table is intended for the transport of vehicles and not of persons.
MarcoLift vehicle carrier can only be utilised with equally distributed loads and not as a conventional lifting table.
A particular training for lift operation and use is required.


MarcoLift tilt MT is a lift table fitted with a tilt unit with 45° or 90° tilt angle.
MarcoLift tilt MLU is a MarcoLift U-shaped low-profile model provided with a built-in tilt function with a 40° tilt angle.
The tilt function is mainly applied in work places where it is necessary to gain better access to the goods thus creating an ergonomically proper working facility. Typical application examples are the control function at incoming and outgoing goods delivery and as production working stations. The load can be carried by pallets, crates or boxes.
The power pack is usually sited separately from the lift table so as not to limit the tilt table operation.


The MarcoLift low-cost are lift tables available in two different models that can be compared with MarcoLift single scissors M1 and MarcoLift lowprofile ML.
MarcoLift low-cost is available only as standard models with regards to size, configuration and colour. It can not be supplied with extra equipment or be customised.
MarcoLift low-cost is not intended for continuous work in production lines or similar systems.